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8 “No Brainer” Tools for Recruiting and Retaining Members

Posted by John Mullen on 10-Aug-2017 17:07:18
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Like most fitness professionals, you are probably looking at ways to recruit and retain members as efficiently as possible. While getting new prospects in the door and converting them into membership is important, we know that retaining members is just as important, and they are often more profitable to your business than new ones.  

Matrix Fitness has made available a webinar, presented by Karen Woodard, President of Premium Performance Training in Boulder Colorado, to provide you with 8 “no-brainer” tools to recruit and retain members.

1. Understand the cycle of life at your club

Engaging members and helping them to achieve the results that they joined the gym for in the first place are extremely important, and the pay off is that they will be happy and will give you referrals. If you are failing to engage with your members and helping them get results, you won’t get referrals and the number of prospects will go down.  Karen talks about taking people from being prospective members to becoming actual members, and the journey along the way to get them to sign up.

2. Recruit and retain the right staff

When you’re recruiting staff or when you’re retaining staff, how clear are you about accountability? Karen discusses the importance of being clear with your sales staff’s core competencies and setting performance expectations. She also highlights the importance of knowing what your staff needs to succeed and exceed your expectations.  She also talks about constantly assessing your sales techniques and results to ensure that you can achieve outstanding results.

3. Create your plan

Creating your business plan will help you to determine whether or not you can achieve your personal, professional and financial rewards before you start pursuing them. By determining what your projected or desired income will be, both for your overall business and for sales people, will then let you work step-by-step through exactly what your sales targets need to be. Karen also provides a formula to exceed goals.

4. Create guest events with goals

By creating multiple guest events every month, you create new opportunities to attract new prospects.  There are a variety of ways you can do this, and Karen gives advice on different programs that can work as a guest event. The idea is to have your member advocates creating a set number of guests for each event that can be turned into new members.  

5. Relationship building by walking around

This isn’t about selling, it’s about building relationships. Sales staff that stay in their offices don’t do as well as the sales staff who get out and meet people. This strategy is not about soliciting members, but t is about providing information and getting to know people and invite them to participate in various programs and events the club is offering. Personally inviting people to participate in something gets a better response than flyers and emails.

6. Personally invite to participate

There’s a big difference between visible and verbal communication. The impact of a personal invitation in a conversation with a voice tone and the words you use is much bigger than if you send flyers and emails to your members.   

7. Consistently utilize the 4 Chain Link Tool

This sales method involves creating a custom conversation for every prospect. When you are showing them through your gym, for example, you can talk about a feature in the club, the benefit of that feature for the particular person you’re talking to, how using that feature is going to create a different workout than what they’ve done in the past, and then a trial close. By creating a customised conversation with these four factors you will be inspirational and persuasive and can make more sales than you will by just being informative.  

8. Commit to early and often

Whatever you want to have happen in a selling conversation needs to be discussed both early and often. Understand what will make a prospect say yes or no to you and why. What will make the prospect join today? What will make them purchase programming today? If you understand exactly what is going to make them say yes or no before you meet with them, you’re going to be much more likely to close the sale.

You can view Karen’s webinar here. To learn more about Matrix Fitness, visit matrixfitness.com.au

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