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Boost your fitness business by creating a “Culture of Community”

Posted by John Mullen on 07-Nov-2016 14:14:13

Something to consider when you walk into almost any fitness facility is that everyone is there to better their health (well, hopefully that’s why they’re there). Sometimes we lose sight of that due to our own ambitions superseding those of our peers. This is where Khristie Gass, who has more than 25 years of combined experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, can enlighten us on how to boost your business by creating a culture of community with your clients.

Khristie is the founder and CEO of Funkie Fusion Fitness™ and President/Founder of Physiques Women’s Fitness center established in 2003 in Lafayette, LA. Matrix has put together a video presentation by her that goes in-depth on the dynamics of community when it comes to client’s reaching their fitness goals.culture of community.png

Along these same lines, ifeelgood 24/7 Express Health Clubs in Australia, believe that clients should first and foremost know “why” they are doing what they’re doing every time they come into the gym. Are they trying to be healthy to prevent disease, lose body-weight, or maybe they want to just eat some more hot chips without feeling guilty. Asking themselves “why” reinforces each client’s motives for getting in shape, and by writing these motives out it enables them to feed off each other and promote accountability.

When clients are held accountable for their goals and the goals of their peers, the ego no longer interferes with progress. When clients care more about others more than just what they can get out of them, a connected community forms. Within a connected fitness community, relationships spring to form and client motivation grows exponentially; this is why ifeelgood 24/7 Health Clubs feel like a family environment where everybody’s goal is of equal importance despite not being on the same level of fitness.

As Khristie continues, when your clients believe in those around them, they believe in themselves. People change in the relationship because it challenges them to face themselves and step up, leading to new ways of thinking. It is the trainer/instructors role to facilitate that process. Live your passion; get excited; draw strength from it!

An important belief of ifeelgood 24/7 Health Clubs is that they don’t want members to be obsessed with simply doing exercise, but rather draw their attention to being and becoming healthy. Be personally committed to do everything well because you believe in yourself and your clients; this is what will ultimately create authentic, sustainable outcomes and positive changes. 

You can view Khristie’s full presentation here.

It’s a highly-informative 15 minute video that demonstrates how important culture and supportive peers are in the world of fitness. You don’t want to miss this presentation full of knowledge, tips, and information on how to boost your business by creating a culture of community with your clients.

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