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Fernwood Fitness Clayton – A Women’s Fitness Success Story

Posted by John Mullen on 16-Oct-2017 09:36:26

Fernwood Fitness Clayton continues to grow by focusing on offering its members a great atmosphere which welcomes everyone as a part of the Fernwood community. The friendly, expert team are committed to ensuring that members have access to the right tools needed in-order to achieve great results.

They pride themselves on customer service and provide all members with personalised programs and assessments with qualified female staff. The 1064 square metre facilty caters for 1270 members.

We interviewed franchise owner Caitlin Jury, who is responsible for leading the team, to find out the secrets to their success.

Fernwood is a female only Health Club, obviously part of the Fernwood Fitness brand. It's much more than being just the title of female only though, being female only means we really need to explore a holistic view to exercise - so we work on mindset, nutrition and activity for all members.

I'd like to think that because we are just catering for females we think a lot more about the whole approach, so not just about being in the gym and exercising - we try to think about having the extra things here for our members such as state of the art equipment, clean and spacious workout area, freshly chilled face towels, childcare, complimentary toiletries, prayer room and complimentary breakfast.

The club focuses strongly on the individual needs of each member – women are not always naturally able to just come in and train. They’re a bit more intimidated, so we try to go above and beyond for all of our members with our customer service to make them feel really comfortable within our club.


I think when you’re opening a gym when passionate about this industry you want to offer everything you can to your members. The biggest challenge is probably cash flow when you want the best for your members, because you need to grow the business first. You need to focus on lead generation to build up the membership, and then have the cash to be able to offer amazing services that we can now. Equipment needs to be affordable.

Secondly, most of our customers are busy women. Women are always juggling multiple hats – they’re Mum’s, they’re working, studying and doing lots of things. As we’re focusing on busy women we need to do things that make their exercise time-efficient. We’re all striving for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Solution – The benefits of working with Matrix

We have chosen Matrix Fitness as our preferred cardio equipment supplier for their equipment mix, the relationship, service and price. We shopped the market to see what was out there and Matrix was a clear winner in terms of meeting our product needs and price.

We knew that Matrix was a reputable brand, so we have been able to market it out to the wider community to say that we now have Matrix, which is driving more enquiries from people who have used Matrix at other Clubs – we’re as a result attracting new members.

We wanted the Climbmill in particular - our members love it for the extra deep steps - it accommodates a wide range of users. It’s a machine that gives you a tough workout in a very short amount of time – perfect for our demographic of women who are time poor.

We really love the Sprint 8® Program(console technology). Nothing delivers results like it. It’s a very intense interval training program - maximum intensity for maximum results and easy to use! Our members can come in at any time as we are open 24-hours and complete their training programs efficiently without staff support.

We’ve built a very healthy relationship with Matrix which continues to grow. I was surprised how quickly and smooth the transition was - in terms of getting the equipment into our club. We’ve had the odd service and response times have been excellent - very smooth sailing and always service with a smile!

I would highly recommend Matrix to other clubs as they offer outstanding service. We feel really nurtured – they’ve made everything nice and easy for us and our members love the equipment.

Check out some great shots of the club below. For more information about Matrix Fitness, please visit matrixfitness.com.au

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