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New Functional Training Units from Matrix Offer Unmatched Space-Saving Versatility

Posted by John Mullen on 25-Jul-2018 10:25:44

Matrix Fitness is expanding its highly-versatile Connexus functional training series with four new products that make the most of under-used spaces. These new Connexus units give club owners and trainers the flexibility, repeatability and expandability that they already love about Connexus in new space-efficient designs.

“As functional training continues to rise, fitness facilities need solutions that fit their space,” said John Mullen, National Commercial Sales Manager of Matrix Fitness. “With our new additions to the Connexus series, we can serve the needs of major clubs, studio boutiques and everything in between.”

Connexus Additions

The Connexus Compact is ideal for small-group training and functional training classes where space is limited. The fully contained unit includes two height-adjustable training handles, hinged med ball target for explosive throwing exercises, ergonomically sound pull-up bar, landmine attachment, base anchor and integrated accessory storage space.

The wall-mounted Connexus Column facilitates functional training with resistance bands and suspension straps. The space-efficient design includes a height-adjustable handle that secures straps and multiple bands for streamlined transitions and progressions. Smart device storage keeps training apps in view, and built-in storage keeps unused bands out of the way.

The Connexus Storage Station keeps essential functional training accessories organized and easy to access. The ultra-durable design includes two extra-large shelves, two secondary shelves, angled pegs for hanging storage, an open top rack, an open base and directional placards to clearly identify where accessories belong.

The Connexus Step+ is a versatile stability step that offers standard and inverted configurations to help users take on a variety of challenging core, lower-body and cardio exercises. The durable stacking design includes a textured balance surface and optimized height, width and depth for use by members of all kinds.

“It’s imperative to give our customers options when it comes to functional training,” added Mullen. “Our complete Connexus series lets club owners choose how they’ll attract members, bolster revenue and make the most of their space.”

In addition to the new products, the Connexus series also includes the Connexus Free, Connexus Perimeter, Connexus Expansion and Connexus Storage Carts. The Connexus Free is a complete freestanding system with multiple training stations that users can access from all sides. Connexus Perimeter is a wall-mounted unit that can function independently or serve as a base for an expanded system. For more information about the Connexus series from Matrix Fitness, visit matrixfitness.com.au.

About Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness (matrixfitness.com) is the fastest-growing commercial brand in the world and is the commercial brand of Johnson Health Tech. Matrix offers a complete portfolio of cardiovascular, group training and strength training equipment for health clubs and other fitness facilities. Locally, Matrix Fitness Australia's head office is located in Dandenong South, Victoria.

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