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Matrix Delivers Better Experiences with Software Updates

Posted by John Mullen on 05-Jul-2017 12:30:43

Matrix continues to invest in the owner and user experience by providing cutting-edge fitness technology that helps you differentiate your facility and keep your members coming back for more. Just like your business, our technology is constantly evolving, which is why we built our 7xi on a platform that we can continually enhance remotely. 

In June this year, Matrix pushed out a software update to 7xi consoles running on the Windows operating system (2013 – through late 2016) that added new programs and improved functionality. This update happened automatically and overnight. When existing customers powered up their consoles the next morning, they found a number of improvements, as described below.

New Programming & Features:

  • Netflix – Netflix, a streaming service provider of television shows, movies, documentaries and more, has been added to the list of web applications. With the Netflix application, members will be able to sign into their own personal accounts and resume watching what they started from home.
  • Personal Trainer Portal – With the Personal Trainer Portal now live, facilities with these consoles can purchase the application and have it be fully integrated within their consoles.
  • Landmarks Program Applications – We’ve added 10 new locations to our repertoire, allowing users to scale world famous buildings and landmarks.
  • Added Language – Danish has been added to the list of supported languages.

Improvements & Changes: 

  • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Enhancements – This update will give users the ability to change channels using a number pad and access a list of all available channels making navigation easy. In addition, each channel will be named to assist with search functions.
  • Enhanced Workout Notifications - This update will create a quick pop-up on the screen each time your programmed workout is about to change incline or resistance, letting the user know what’s coming without interrupting their activities on the console.
  • On Screen Display (OSD) Keyboard Behavior Improvement – Slight user enhancement to improve functionality.
  • Enhanced Custom Logo / Splash Import via USB - Previously, you could only update your logo or background on Asset Management. This allows you to update via USB.
  • On Demand TV and On Demand Music Video Apps – The current On Demand streaming apps will be removed from the list of available apps. Our Netflix and YouTube apps will provide users with a better streaming experience for both video and music.

The update happened automatically to internet-connected products. 

“We understand that fitness technology works best when it’s simple, intuitive and supports the needs of our commercial partners and their members,” said John Mullen, National Commercial Sales Manager of Matrix Fitness Australia. “We are committed to continually evolving our product and technology to ensure our partners can deliver the best, most-effective workout experiences to their members. It’s not about bells and whistles – it’s about creating member engagement and long-term results. It’s also about creating useful tools to help our partners run their facilities while maximizing ROI.” 


For more information about the new technology from Matrix, visit matrixfitness.com.au


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